We now know how important employee wellbeing is for an organisation’s overall success – positively impacting the attraction of key talent, retention, productivity and performance. Employee wellbeing means healthy, engaged, motivated and resilient teams.

As an organisation, the standard of wellbeing you offer is a clear indication of how much you value your people both at work and in their personal lives. With changes ahead in the Future of Work, approaches to wellbeing need to be sophisticated, science-based and effective.

The ongoing challenge for organisations is to provide a range of programmes that enhance engagement, tackle real issues such as stress and bring about positive changes that lasts. In addition, we understand that your people are unique with a range of individual needs.

Following many years of research, therehuman has developed a range of highly effective programmes that provide solutions to the real wellbeing needs of employees and organisations. Drawing on the latest research from health, neuroscience and psychology, our programmes get below the surface using the science of behavioural change and habit formation to bring about real and lasting transformation.

Our science-backed programmes are designed to help your people make real changes that last.

Programmes based on the latest learning from health, neuroscience, business and the psychology of peak performance

Outcomes optimised through the science of behavioural change and habit formation so that changes are deep and lasting

Highly engaging and immersive development experiences designed to fit into busy lives through small easy changes to thinking and behaviour

Using a blend of insights and motivational forces to enhance wellbeing, resilience, performance and human leadership

Our Wellbeing Programmes use science to support people in changing the way they think about themselves and how they look after themselves leading to:

  • Improved Performance, Innovation and Creativity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Stress Resilience
  • Higher Retention
  • Lower Absenteeism and Presenteeism
  • Enhanced Focus, Energy and Vitality
  • Increased Engagement and Attraction of new talent
  • Improved Positive Ageing

Elemental Programme

The Elemental Programme instils health and wellbeing habits for lasting change. Based on the science of behavioural change and habit formation, the Elemental Programme is a ground breaking approach to enhancing essential elements of physical and psychological health for increased confidence, energy and engagement. Small easy changes, over time, build significant momentum.
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The Chemistry of Wellbeing Programme

What is the chemistry of a thriving life?

In each of our bodies and brains there is a powerful blend of chemicals that, once recognised, we can use to enhance our energy, mood, sleep, stress resilience, focus and confidence. The Chemistry of Wellbeing Programme is an engaging way to kick start your journey to better health, energy and performance.
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The Chemistry of Calm Programme

Stress and anxiety are all too common features of modern life and work, affecting our health, quality of life and relationships.

Drawing from the most up to date insights from health, psychology and neuroscience The Chemistry of Calm is a highly effective programme embedding healthy approaches to stress and pressure.
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Attune Menopause Programme

For too long there has been silence around one of the most significant transitions in a woman’s life.

The Attune Menopause Programme empowers women through insight, coaching, knowledge and community so that you can successful manage this important transition with confidence and strength.
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Design Your Future - Planning for Retirement Programme

Making the transition towards retirement can be an exciting and daunting time for many people. The Design Your Future Programme supports people to be learn how to stay healthier for longer, manage change with confidence and build a positive vision and plan for this next important stage in life.
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Uncovering the most up-to-date science to enhance the wellbeing of your teams

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