Attune Menopause.


One of the most significant ways that we can empower women in the workplace is to support them to make a positive transition through the Menopause.

Including the Perimenopause, the Menopause can span up to fifteen years of a woman’s life. With 42 known symptoms, few women will be unaffected, with issues such as physical discomfort, anxiety and memory problems impacting both quality of life and performance at work.

Without the proper support, many women going through the menopause consider either reducing their hours or leaving their positions – positions that they have worked hard to achieve. This translates to a significant loss of vital expertise and experience to organisations.

The Attune Menopause Programme supports and empowers women who are, or think they might be, perimenopausal or menopausal. Empowering women with awareness, knowledge, coaching and peer support, the Attune Programme supports the women in your organisation to develop the strategies that are right for them.

With the Attune Menopause Programme women learn about…

  • The Perimenopause and Menopause and the signs and symptoms
  • The Chemistry of the Menopause – how hormones affect the body and brain
  • Insight into their own symptoms to inform their next steps
  • The HRT debate and what support is available
  • Support on what to discuss with their GP
  • How to build energy levels, vitality and motivation
  • What they need to do each day to get a good night’s sleep
  • How to reduce feelings of stress and build resilience
  • What it takes to minimise brain fog, get into deep focus and avoid distraction

Membership to the Attune Menopause Programme includes…

  • Insight into their own symptoms and unique feedback through access to the Attune Menopause Symptoms Tracker
  • One to one coaching with a therehuman coach to develop an Attune Menopause Plan.
  • Small group workshops on the latest science of the menopause
  • Support of a focused and encouraging tribe
  • Embedded learning of the EASE Method so that the changes you make last.

Delivered over 6 weeks The Attune Menopause Programme requires a maximum time commitment of 8 hours

Using a powerful blend of motivational forces including insight through questionnaires, the EASE Habit Formation Method expert online workshops, community, a highly focused coaching session and a bespoke Menopause Plan

Enhanced physical and psychological wellbeing, knowledge and stress resilience, so that you journey through the menopause with comfort and confidence

finding unique strategies that really work

100% surveyed rated the programme as excellent

A comprehensive programme designed to support women to transition positively through the menopause with confidence and comfort. Using the support of insight, coaching, knowledge and community, participants become part of a strong and supportive group of women, focused on alleviating the negative impacts of the menopause and building health, wellbeing and confidence.

Why we developed the Attune Menopause Programme

It is truly amazing that a transition which almost 50% of the world’s population will go through, has received so little attention and support in our society.

There is still a great deal of confusion around what women need, and can do, during this period of their lives, to ensure that they maintain not only their health and wellbeing, but their overall quality of life.

Too many women take a back seat from their careers, at just the time when they have achieved positions earned through years and years of hard work.

The menopause also often comes at a time in a woman’s life when they have additional responsibilities – parenting children or teenagers, supporting adult children or caring for elderly relatives. The pressures from work and modern living can all combine to form the perfect storm.

Recent studies have shown that 33% of women going through the menopause have considered reducing their hours or leaving their role and 10% of women over fifty actually do leave their hard earned positions.

Left unsupported the impact of symptoms including poor sleep, physical discomfort and anxiety can leave women feeling isolated, impacting mood, performance at work and crucially, their important relationships.

The time has now passed for women to suffer alone.

There are at least 42 known symptoms of the menopause and because every woman is individual, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. However there are lots of things that can be done to alleviate symptoms, enhance wellbeing and support women to regain control in their lives.

The Attune Menopause Programme reveals what the most recent findings say about the best ways to enhance physical and psychological health during this period, including mood, sleep, focus, relationships and physical symptoms.

In the programme, we explore the debate around HRT so that participants can make decisions empowered by the most up to date medical guidelines.

The Attune Menopause Programme brings together the powerful forces of insight, coaching, knowledge, and community to support the women in your organisation to develop a unique road map for transitioning this important stage of life with clarity, strength and confidence.

empowering women to thrive at work

Attune Menopause Programme outcomes include:

Insight and awareness of individual symptoms through the Attune Menopause Tracker
Enhanced understanding of signs and symptoms of the perimenopause and the menopause
Clarity about HRT and the risks and benefits
Increased confidence to have the right conversations with health provider
Practical tools for managing and reducing symptoms
Strategies for discussing the menopause with support network and line manager
Enhanced health and wellbeing

What clients say about therehuman.

I found the Attune Programme just brilliant. The coaching was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend this to other women.


I found the workshops to be very informative. The one to one coaching session was extremely helpful as it was tailored to me. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it very relaxing and very useful. Thank you!


The Attune programme was great and I have really begun to feel the benefits of understanding more. I have followed the advice on the vitamins and supplement. I was a bit nervous about the 1-1 coaching, but it was just fantastic!


I found the Attune Programme so helpful and very insightful. I now feel empowered and fully informed to take control and actually take on the challenge of the menopause, ageing and my health and wellbeing in general.

Helen Campbell

As a manager, I spend all my time making sure that my team is ok. Being part of the Attune Programme meant that I could spend some time on myself and take control of my symptoms. I thought that the symptoms of the menopause were something that I would just have to accept, however now I know that there are solutions. I feel more confident about speak to my GP and also having conversations with the women in my team if they come to me for help

Nicole, 52

Since being part of the Attune Programme, I have started to piece together the parts of the jigsaw. I knew that I felt different – more anxious, less energy, trouble sleeping – but I didn’t know why. Turns out that I am peri-menopausal. I hadn’t even heard of the perimenopause before. It is such a relief to have clarity and to have practical things that I can do to reduce the symptoms. I feel much more prepared for the future.

Kate, 46

The Attune Programme has been life changing. I am no longer ashamed to say that I am going through the menopause. I feel equipped with knowledge and strategies and I will definitely be having these discussions with my own daughters when the time comes.

Sarah, 50

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