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Planning for Retirement Programme

Many companies and businesses have now begun to understand the value of supporting their employees at every stage of their career journey.

Just as how people enter a company can have a significant impact on their motivation, performance and retention, how they are supported to make the transition into retirement is equally important.

Companies who support their people at this stage of their journey deliver a clear message to them and to all their employees – we value you as a person and appreciate everything you have done for us.

The Design your Future Programme was developed in response to this need identified by companies from a range of sectors.

Based on the science of positive ageing, successful adaption to change, goal setting, behaviour change and habit formation, the Design Your Future Programme is a powerful group coaching programme which will inspire, motivate and support your people to make a positive transition to this next important stage of life.

uncovering what the new science of longevity reveals about how to live healthier for longer

Delivered over three online workshops and one coaching session, The Design Your Future Programme requires a maximum time commitment of 8 hours

A blended learning approach including Insights from questionnaires, a one to one coaching session, practical exercises and group coaching with others on similar journeys.

Enhanced clarity and confidence through the development of a detail plan supporting positive ageing and a successful transition into retirement.

Workshop One: Positive Ageing Learn

What can we do as humans to live healthier for longer? What can we learn from the world’s healthiest cultures about what we need in our lives to thrive as we get older? Is it too late to start? How can we change our behaviour and build healthy habits that last? The first workshop in the Design Your Future Programme focuses on what the research on longevity and positive ageing reveals about the simple habits that we can adopt to live healthier for longer so that we can embark on our retirement with health, strength and vitality.

Workshop Two: Adapting to Change

Even positive change requires us to go through a process where our old patterns of thought, behaviour and interactions with others need to be replaced with new ones. Research on positive adaption to retirement reveals that understanding the ‘change curve’ and preparing for the different stages of change plays a significant role in the speed and the confidence with which you adapt. In workshop two we explore the ‘Change Curve’ and techniques to adapt positively to the next stage in your life.

Workshop Three: Building a Positive Future

Being financially prepared for retirement is only one part of the jigsaw. Spending time working out what is important to you and how you want to live this next stage of your life is equally important. In the third workshop we support participants to clarify what is important to them and build a compelling plan for the future based on inspiring goals and the establishment of powerful longevity habits.

designing the future you deserve

What clients say about therehuman.

‘Thank you therehuman for a really well thought out and engaging retirement programme. I found it really beneficial in focusing in on what is important and making a plan for the future.’

Nick, IT Manager, Almac Group

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