Building High Performing Teams & Cultures.


What makes some teams and organisations significantly outperform others with regards to performance, innovation, talent attraction and retention? What are the features of these teams and cultures and can they be replicated? What do the leaders do differently? What motivates people to show up day after day wanting to do their best?

Research shows that there are common features in some of the most high performing teams and cultures across the world, regardless of their diverse sectors. These features are intrinsically linked to what motivates us as humans to do our best and to work with others towards often very challenging goals.

We know that high performance does not happen by chance or by the talented few – high performance can be developed and enhanced with the right conditions and motivators.

The Building High Performing Teams and Cultures programme reveals the features of high performing teams and cultures from across the world, how these can be replicated and developed, how individuals and teams can be motivated towards achieving ambitious goals and how to create cultures that attract and retain the right talent.

Using research backed learning and case studies, facilitated group discussion and one to one coaching, this programme enables leaders and those responsible for shaping the culture of an organisation to develop an actionable plan unique to their organisation.

building high performing teams and cultures that people want to join

Delivered over 4 online or face to face workshops The Building High Performing Teams and Cultures Programme requires a maximum time commitment of 10 hours spread over 8 weeks.

A blended learning approach including case studies and facilitated discussion with other leaders and a one-to-one coaching session to explore the unique challenges of your team or organisation.

Enhanced understanding of the features of high performing teams and cultures, development of skills to inspire, influence and motivate others and development of a plan to enhance the culture of your organisation.

A comprehensive group learning programme using the latest research on High Performing Teams and Cultures, leadership and motivation. Leaders become part of a strong and supportive group of professionals, focused on developing high performing teams and cultures for productivity, innovation and talent retention. With a total commitment of 10 hours, the programme can be delivered in short workshops online over eight weeks or as a day event.

understanding what really motivates humans to do their best every day

Why Leaders need to understand how to connect and unlock the potential of their teams.

Attracting the right people into the right roles and supporting teams to do their best has never been more important.

Despite the myriad of incentive schemes that exist in modern employment – all of which have their place – we know from research on human performance and motivation that humans have evolved to not only want to do their best but thrive in doing so.

For this to happen, the conditions need to be right.

Luckily there has been significant research from fields such as organisational and behavioural psychology and neuroscience which uncovers the conditions and features that result in high performing teams and cultures.

Research shows that High Performing Teams are so much more than the sum of their parts.

Bringing together a group of talented individuals does not necessarily lead to a high performing team – elements such as the skill of the leaders, the way in which goals are developed and approached, and the awareness of the team members of areas such as motivation, focus and regulation are key.

These elements and many more can be learned and developed through the Building High Performing Teams and Cultures Programme. Together leaders discover …

  • How to set inspiring and meaningful goals.
  • How to motivate individuals and teams to do their very best each day.
  • How to set the conditions for powerful intrinsic motivation.
  • How to plan for and recover from setback to maintain drive, focus and motivation momentum.

Building High Performing Teams and Cultures

Why Culture Really Matters

The conditions in which we work have changed significantly and will continue to evolve. Technology has opened up opportunities for people to work globally as part of diverse teams. We know that pay matters but it is only one factor in why people choose to join and stay in a company.

Other extrinsic and intrinsic motivators really matter and can be responsible for people going the extra mile. A key part of this is the culture of an organisation.

Even high performing teams can become silos within organisations without the unifying force of a cohesive high performing culture.

What is culture?

Simply described it is the way that an organisation goes about achieving its goals. For an employee it relates to what it feels like to be part of this group of people pursuing these goals.

Studies on high performing cultures from across the globe identify core elements that exist that are crucial to people not only choosing to join and stay in a company but also being motivated to do their best.

The challenge is how we integrate these elements in the future of work with diverse hybrid working models.

The Building High Performing Teams and Cultures Programme maps out the key elements, mindsets, behaviours and conditions that lead to high performing cultures and how these can be integrated into a hybrid working model.

We have taken the most up to date learning from neuroscience, health and psychology and teamed this with a powerful behavioural change and habit formation approach so that you build strength and confidence in the face of whatever life throws at you.

By the end of the programme, leaders will understand the science behind and a clear strategy of how to enhance areas such as…

  • Growth Mindset Cultures
  • Psychological Safety
  • Belonging, Status, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Motivation enhanced by powerful levers such as authentic Values, Purpose and inspiring Narratives.

high performing teams and cultures designed for the future of work

What clients say about therehuman.

Since joining the Elemental Programme I have made a significant shift in thinking about myself and my life. Thinking positively is now my default position and it has made a massive difference to my overall health and wellbeing.

Sarah, 35

The Elemental Programme has helped me gain a completely different perspective on the way that I approach my life. Self-compassion, a focus on what I have achieved, exercise and mindfulness are now ingrained habits. I am also experiencing a real improvement in my relationship with those who are important to me.

Edward, 45

As a former International runner I have always had a huge interest in the benefits gained from exercise and your mental wellbeing. When the Belfast Met College announced the opportunity to apply for the Elementary Programme, I was delighted to gain a place on the Programme and the benefits of working with Catherine and other like-minded colleagues.

We have regular catch ups with a monthly focus on each topic. E.g. Move, Rest, Nourish etc. We discuss the benefits around each topic, and how we can adjust our habits for long term gains, then feedback, support and encourage each other at the next meeting. The group quickly became a very supportive and positive network.

It has particularly been of benefit to me as I have tried to maintain a healthy work/life balance project managing Assured Skills Programmes for the College whilst becoming a dad for the first time in 2020 during COVID.

I would highly recommend the Elementary Programme to anyone who has the good fortune to have the opportunity to attend.

Michael Mearns (40)

How the Programme works…

Delivered over 4 online workshops or as a face to face day event, followed by a one-to-one coaching session with a therehuman coach, the programme is spilt into workshops…

Workshop One: The Features of High Performing Teams and Cultures

This workshops introduces the programme by exploring key questions – Who are we as humans and really matters to us when we work together as groups? What are the features of high performing teams and cultures? What lessons can we learn from High Performing Teams and Cultures from across the globe? How do these teams and cultures respond to challenge, change and uncertainty and how do they remain innovative and competitive?

Workshop Two: The Chemistry of Motivation

The second workshop reveals the neuroscience and psychology behind drive and motivation, the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in relation to goals and incentives and how this knowledge can be applied to individuals and teams so that the conditions are right to unlock their potential.

Workshop Three: Building High Performing Teams

The third workshop in the programme focuses specifically on the role of the leader in building, supporting and motivating teams to work together towards meaningful goals – both big and small. Drawing on the knowledge gained from the previous workshop on motivation and drive – leaders will be supported to develop their coaching skills to empower their teams to maintain effort and focus, innovate and problem solve and achieve more ambitious goals together.

Workshop Four: Creating High Performing Cultures

Even high performing teams can become silos within organisations without the unifying force of a cohesive high performing culture. The last workshop in the programme reveals the core elements of high performing cultures, how they work and why they are so important. Leaders will be supported to develop an actionable strategy that they can implement to strengthen and enhance their cultures for the success in the future of work.

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