Stress Resilience for Leaders


There is no doubt that modern life can be overwhelming at times. With so much challenge, complexity and uncertainty, it is not surprising that we sometimes feel stressed and anxious.

Occasional episodes of stress are a normal part of life and can in fact be helpful for performance. But for too many people, chronic stress has become a fact of life impacting health, relationships and performance.

Leaders need to be able to stay calm, focused and healthy so that they can lead their teams and organisations with confidence now, and in the future of work.

But leaders are human too.

They face unique challenges that may not be apparent to everyone else and their ability to cope with stress and pressure can have a real impact on the culture of the teams and organisations that they lead.

The World Economic Forum cites the ability to cope with stress and pressure as one of the most important skills for leaders now, and in the future of work.

The Stress Resilience Programme for Leaders takes knowledge and insights from neuroscience and psychology, to embed an approach to stress and pressure that is essential for leaders, supporting them to build and lead high performing teams.

Stress Resilience for Leaders

  • Spend individual time with an expert in stress and anxiety exploring your current situation and developing a bespoke stress regulation and resilience plan.
  • Gain access to six small-group workshops learning about the six pillars of stress resilience
  • Learn a simple approach to reprogramme your thoughts and behaviour, so that you break old unhelpful patterns.
  • Use the EASE Habit Formation Method to embed new behaviours so that they become automatic for lasting change towards enhanced stress resilience
  • Experience the support of a community of leaders all embarking on a powerful journey towards enhanced stress resilience and mental toughness
  • Learn at the right pace – Delivered over eight weeks, with an overall commitment of ten hours, the Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme has been developed to fit in with your busy life.

Membership to the Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme includes…

  • A one to one coaching session with a expert in the field of stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Your bespoke Stress Resilience Plan so that you focus on the areas that matter
  • Six small group workshops focusing on the six pillars of stress resilience
  • Embedded learning of the EASE Method so that the changes you make last.

Delivered over 6 short online workshops The Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme
requires a maximum time commitment of 10 hours spread over eight weeks.

A blended learning approach including Insights from questionnaires, case studies and facilitated discussion with other leaders and a one-to-one coaching sessions with a stress and resilience expert.

Enhanced stress resilience for wellbeing, focus, motivation, performance and leadership.

Getting Stronger with Each Challenge Faced

A comprehensive stress reduction programme using science proven methods to embed the knowledge, skills and daily habits essential for building long term stress resilience. Facilitated by experts in the fields of stress and anxiety reduction, you will become part of a strong and supportive group of professionals, focused on determining how you respond to the challenges of work and leadership. Delivered over eight weeks, with an overall commitment of ten hours, the Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme has been developed to fit in with your busy life.

Enhancing Wellbeing, Focus and Performance for Leaders

Why we developed the Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme

We know only too well how stress can negatively impact our sleep, ability to focus and the quality of our relationships.

For leaders, without the right approach, stress can build up and impact the ability to lead teams and organisations.

Whilst experiencing occasionally stressful episodes is normal – and in fact, sometimes necessary to help us to take action – prolonged periods of chronic stress can have a long term impact on health, performance and leadership.

To enjoy life and live healthier for longer, learning how to build stress resilience is not just important, it is essential.

Luckily there are simple science-backed techniques that can significantly transform how we experience and respond to stress and pressure, resulting in a sense of resilience which grows stronger with each challenge faced.

What makes the Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme different?

Most stress management approaches are either too little or too late to be helpful.

At one end of the spectrum, stress interventions only address the tip of the iceberg. We learn about how to respond to stress and then we go back to doing what we have always done.

Alternatively, other interventions are only available when stress and anxiety gets to the point that we can no longer function and manage our daily lives.

The Stress Resilience for Leaders Programme is different.

We have taken the most up to date learning from neuroscience, health and psychology and teamed this with a powerful behavioural change and habit formation approach so that you build strength and confidence in the face of whatever life throws at you.

Resilient Leaders for Resilient Teams

For many years, stress was considered a bad word. However we know that humans have evolved to respond effectively to challenge and adversity.

It turns out that our brains and bodies are perfectly adapted to cope with pressure and recover, and get stronger as a result, if and only if, we take the right approach and have the right support.

We are all different.

Leaders learn about what triggers their stress response and how to respond in a healthy way when this happens.

Leaders also discover what their stress ‘sweet spot’ is for peak performance.

Through small easy steps, leaders build stress resilience mindset and habits that build powerful momentum over time.

Workshop One: Knowledge

In the first workshop leaders learn about the purpose of the natural stress response and how it impacts the body and brain. Experts in the field of stress management explain that ‘knowledge of knowledge’ or teaching the ‘brain about the brain’ is a very powerful stress reduction technique in itself. Leaders will also discover the scientific research and benefits of the Stress Resilience Mindset.

Workshop Two: Awareness

Often we are not even really aware of how and when our stress response is being triggered and how to recognise it in our brains and bodies. In the second workshop we identify what the unique stress triggers are for each leader and how they specifically manifest in their body and brain.

Workshop Three: Regulation

The third workshop provides a powerful blueprint for how to respond to stress in the moment. Using new and very effective techniques from neuroscience, leaders develop a rapid stress reduction technique and then use the EASE Method to begin the process of making the response habitual.

Workshop Four: Agility

The fourth workshop in the programme dives into how leaders can develop mental agility to dramatically change the way that they experience formerly stressful situations. Based on science backed approaches, leaders develop methods of cognitive flexibility that not only lower their stress arousal but also enhances their confidence and resilience in the face of challenge, complexity and uncertainty.

Workshop Five: Recovery

Just as recovery is a vital part of any physical training plan, effective consistent recovery is crucial for building stress resilience. In fact the body and brain provide a range of wonderful chemicals that are there to support this process. In workshop five, leaders learn how to enhance these chemicals for physical and psychological recovery to reduce the adverse effects risk of chronic stress and anxiety.

Workshop Six: Resilience

Maintaining effective stress resilience is a mindset and a way of life. The last workshop explores how leaders can develop routines that not only minimise the negative effects of stress and lower anxiety but also build overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. We finish by embedding the resilience mindset so that leaders actively embrace challenge, complexity and uncertainty as opportunities to build confidence and strength!

What clients say about therehuman.

I am so very glad I took the timeout to complete this programme. I quickly felt comfortable and safe in the space. By already building several of the habits into my daily life, I am feeling more aware, less stressed and generally happier, as well as sleeping much better than I have in many years. I have printed the plan which we created at the 1:1 as a focus to remind me of the little steps I can take to help myself. I cannot recommend highly enough, Building Stress Resilience for Leaders.


Susan McKeown
The Belfast Metropolitan College

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