Goodlife 2030


It’s time to think about the quality of our lives, our health and our values.

With that in mind therehuman invites you to imagine “What constitutes a good life in 2030”

How can I feel better? What fulfils me?

How can I improve connections with friends, family and community?

What is important for my environment locally and internationally and what can we do about it?

Let’s see where the conversation takes us.

Built around a positive vision of what your life could be, therehuman can show how, by following simple steps you can achieve profound transformation in your life.

The Goodlife 2030 Programme

You will learn about…

  • How to engage the brain to set the scene for a more positive future for all.
  • How to build solid foundations for health and wellbeing
  • How to recover from setback, adapt to change and persevere during period of high challenge and uncertainty
  • How to connect to yourself to enhance motivation, optimism and meaning
  • How to build deep connection with others to enhance the quality of your most important relationships
  • How to connect with the communities not just locally but globally to bring about powerful change for our people and planet.

Membership to the Goodlife 2030 Programme includes…

  • A Goodlife 2030 Insights Score and bespoke feedback
  • Access to a powerful vision building tool
  • One to one coaching with a therehuman coach to develop your Goodlife 2030 plan
  • Access to 6 small, focused, science based group workshops
  • Support of a focused and encouraging tribe including learning from others who have made a real difference
  • Embedded learning of the EASE Method so that the changes you make last.

How do you want to live your one precious life?

Delivered over 6 online workshops the programme requires a maximum commitment of 12 hours.

A blended learning approach including Insights from questionnaires, groupwork and a one-to-one coaching session.

Enhanced clarity about what the elements required for a healthy, fulfilling and purposeful life are, the opportunity to work with others on the same journey and the development of a unique action plan.

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference for a more positive and meaningful future for all.

Workshop One: The Goodlife 2030 Introduction Workshop

In the first workshop we explore our ancient past, and the elements that evolutionary biology and psychology have revealed we need in our lives to thrive. We examine the major systems in the brain, and the associated neurochemicals that drive not only wellbeing, but motivation and the confidence required to face the challenges of the future. Participants are introduced to the EASE Habit Formation Method so that the change made last and build powerful momentum over time

Workshop Two: Building Physical Health & Wellbeing

The second workshop builds on the learning from the first to enhance physical health and wellbeing. Participants are introduced to the concept of physical intelligence and the mind body connection, which is the foundation for wellbeing and resilience. We uncover how you can enhance energy levels, nourish yourself and optimise your sleep for health and longevity.

Workshop Three: Enhancing Psychological Strength

The third workshop examines the simple easy thought patterns and behaviour that we can all adopt to manage stress, recover from setback, enhance optimism and stay psychologically strong through times of challenge, change and uncertainty. Drawing from extensive research from positive psychology and neuroscience, we learn how to build confidence and mental toughness, which gets stronger with every challenge faced.

Workshop Four: Connection to Self

Without knowing what is truly important to us, we risk living a life without focus and direction. The fourth workshop enables participants to discover their most important values and how they can design a life that is imbued with meaning and purpose. Together we explore our vision of a positive future and the life that we want to live in 2030.

Workshop Five: Connection to Others

The results of the Harvard Longitudinal Study – the longest running study on human thriving – are clear, as humans the quality of our relationships really matter. In the fifth workshop we look at the neurochemistry of human connection, how we can establish, repair and strengthen bonds with our family, friends and our community to enhance our health, wellbeing and our society.

Workshop Six: Connection to the Planet

Earth is the unique location in the vastness of space that Humans have always called HOME. We have evolved to a point where our scientific understanding of our environment and the benefits that has brought us would be unimaginable to our ancestors. However to ensure a sustainable future for Humanity we need to reimagine our relationship to our environment. Workshop six addresses facing our responsibilities, harnessing our creativity and innovation to develop new ways of living and engaging with our surroundings. Demonstrating our commitment to Future Generations.

What clients say about therehuman.

As a former International runner I have always had a huge interest in the benefits gained from exercise and your mental wellbeing. When the Belfast Met College announced the opportunity to apply for the Elementary Programme, I was delighted to gain a place on the Programme and the benefits of working with Catherine and other like-minded colleagues.

We have regular catch ups with a monthly focus on each topic. E.g. Move, Rest, Nourish etc. We discuss the benefits around each topic, and how we can adjust our habits for long term gains, then feedback, support and encourage each other at the next meeting. The group quickly became a very supportive and positive network.

It has particularly been of benefit to me as I have tried to maintain a healthy work/life balance project managing Assured Skills Programmes for the College whilst becoming a dad for the first time in 2020 during COVID.

I would highly recommend the Elementary Programme to anyone who has the good fortune to have the opportunity to attend.

Michael Mearns (40)

I found the Attune Programme just brilliant. The coaching was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend this to other women.


I found the workshops to be very informative. The one to one coaching session was extremely helpful as it was tailored to me. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it very relaxing and very useful. Thank you!


The Attune programme was great and I have really begun to feel the benefits of understanding more. I have followed the advice on the vitamins and supplement. I was a bit nervous about the 1-1 coaching, but it was just fantastic!


I found the Attune Programme so helpful and very insightful. I now feel empowered and fully informed to take control and actually take on the challenge of the menopause, ageing and my health and wellbeing in general.

Helen Campbell

As a manager, I spend all my time making sure that my team is ok. Being part of the Attune Programme meant that I could spend some time on myself and take control of my symptoms. I thought that the symptoms of the menopause were something that I would just have to accept, however now I know that there are solutions. I feel more confident about speak to my GP and also having conversations with the women in my team if they come to me for help

Nicole, 52

Since being part of the Attune Programme, I have started to piece together the parts of the jigsaw. I knew that I felt different – more anxious, less energy, trouble sleeping – but I didn’t know why. Turns out that I am peri-menopausal. I hadn’t even heard of the perimenopause before. It is such a relief to have clarity and to have practical things that I can do to reduce the symptoms. I feel much more prepared for the future.

Kate, 46

The Attune Programme has been life changing. I am no longer ashamed to say that I am going through the menopause. I feel equipped with knowledge and strategies and I will definitely be having these discussions with my own daughters when the time comes.

Sarah, 50

therehuman delivered a fantastic Resilience and Mental Toughness Programme to a group of our busy leaders. It was hard to take time out for our own development however the time taken was greatly rewarded with insights, tools and tips on how to build resilience and mental toughness both for us and to help us to lead and motivate our teams and departments

Allana Patterson
Head of Organisational Excellence
The Belfast Metropolitan College

I would go as far as to say that this is one of the best leadership programmes I have ever completed. With 32 years of leadership I have had the opportunity to attend many programmes but this one felt instantly different. After the first session I was hooked and I made sure I committed to attending all sessions. The programme was really powerful and benefited me professionally and personally in so many ways.

Joanne Wilson

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