The Chemistry of Wellbeing.


What is the chemistry of a thriving life?

Do we really have control of our own chemistry? Can small easy daily actions build into powerful results which impact the whole of our lives? Can we reprogramme our brains so that the thoughts and actions that are good for us become our default setting? Is there a way to feel more engagement and joy in life?

In each of our bodies and brains there are a powerful blend of chemicals – chemicals such as adrenaline, dopamine, acetylcholine and many more. Once we recognise them, we can build habits around them to enhance our whole lives including our energy, mood, sleep, stress resilience, focus and confidence.

The Chemistry of Wellbeing harnesses the most up to date learning from neuroscience, health and psychology. It teams this with a powerful behavioural change and habit formation approach so that you easily feel healthier and happier for a fully engaged and thriving life.

The Chemistry of Wellbeing Programme

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You will learn…

  • about the key chemicals in your body and brain and how to enhance, lower or combine them
  • how to form new positive habits and get rid of old ones
  • how to build your energy levels, vitality and motivation
  • what you need to do each day to get a good night’s sleep
  • how to reduce feelings of stress and build resilience
  • what it takes to get into deep focus and avoid distraction
  • the chemistry involved in establishing and sustaining deep connection with others.
  • how to elevate the chemicals for happiness and deep engagement in life.

Membership to the Chemistry of Wellbeing includes…

  • A Chemistry of Wellbeing Insights Score and bespoke feedback
  • Access to eight weekly small group workshops
  • A Chemistry of Wellbeing Plan so that you focus on the areas that matter
  • Embedded learning of the EASE Method so that the changes you make last.

A highly engaging programme using scientifically proven methods to embed the knowledge, skills and daily habits essential for building long term health and wellbeing. Facilitated by experts in the fields of wellbeing and performance, you will become part of a strong and supportive group of professionals, focused on enhancing the chemistry of your wellbeing.

The chemistry of a fully engaged life is in our hands.

Why we developed the Chemistry of Wellbeing Programme

Sometimes it can feel that we are a bystander in our own life or that days are something we have to ‘get through’ rather than really engage in and enjoy.

We know that something is missing but it can be hard to put our finger what that ‘something’ actually is.

It is easy to think that if our circumstances were different we would feel better – have more energy, feel more at peace or have a more optimistic outlook on life. But with so many demands on our time and energy, and so much that is out of our control, a positive future can seem out of reach.

For more vitality, peace and optimism we need to focus on our overall wellbeing. Underpinning and fuelling our wellbeing are a range of naturally occurring chemicals that, once understood and harnessed, have a powerful impact on a whole range of areas of our wellbeing including our energy levels, confidence, sleep, ability to cope with stress, mood, relationships and achievements.

Most approaches to wellbeing provide us with a list of things that we should be doing. We know we need to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, manage our stress levels, but actually putting this into practice can seem like an uphill struggle.

In the Chemistry of Wellbeing you will learn that small easy actions can enhance the chemicals – like dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine – that naturally help us to recover and elevate our mood.

Like an alchemist, you will learn how to combine these chemicals for better sleep, confidence and connection with others.

Once you know what to do to enhance these wellbeing chemicals, you will naturally want to do more of it, making change not just easy but inevitable. And of course, we will teach you how to turn these positive actions into habits so that you build powerful momentum overtime.

The Chemistry of Wellbeing harnesses the most up to date learning from neuroscience, health and psychology. It teams this with a powerful behavioural change and habit formation approach so that you easily feel healthier and happier for a fully engaged life.

You deserve to feel better and it is possible

What clients say about therehuman.

As a former International runner I have always had a huge interest in the benefits gained from exercise and your mental wellbeing. When the Belfast Met College announced the opportunity to apply for the Elementary Programme, I was delighted to gain a place on the Programme and the benefits of working with Catherine and other like-minded colleagues.

We have regular catch ups with a monthly focus on each topic. E.g. Move, Rest, Nourish etc. We discuss the benefits around each topic, and how we can adjust our habits for long term gains, then feedback, support and encourage each other at the next meeting. The group quickly became a very supportive and positive network.

It has particularly been of benefit to me as I have tried to maintain a healthy work/life balance project managing Assured Skills Programmes for the College whilst becoming a dad for the first time in 2020 during COVID.

I would highly recommend the Elementary Programme to anyone who has the good fortune to have the opportunity to attend.

Michael Mearns (40)

Programme Structure

Week One: Insight

Gain insight and personalised feedback on the chemistry of your wellbeing.

Week Two: Coaching

Spend one to one time with one of our expert coaches, exploring your wellbeing score and developing a bespoke score.

Week Three: Introduction to the Chemicals

What are the key wellbeing chemicals and how can you begin to recognise them in your daily life?

Week Four: The Chemistry of Exercise

For energy, recovery, focus and mood.

Week Five: The Chemistry of Sleep

How can you enhance the right chemistry for a good night’s sleep?

Week Six: The Chemistry of Recovery

What small easy daily practice unlock powerful recover chemicals so that you feel calm and in control?

Week Seven: The Chemistry of Connection

 How can we establish and deepen our connection with others for our health, wellbeing and engagement in life?

Week Eight: The Chemistry of Happiness

Can we generate our own positive emotions? What small easy habits significantly enhance our mood and enjoyment of life?

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