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In today’s world characterised by high levels of challenge, change and uncertainty, for our leaders and leaderships teams, Resilience and Mental Toughness has never been more important.

Leaders who build their resilience and mental toughness are much more able to stay healthy, manage stress, recover from setbacks, persevere through uncertainty and adapt to change. Not only that, they are able to maintain a higher level of emotional control, commitment and confidence in the face of challenge. This translates to many benefits including better decision making and an enhanced ability to inspire, motivate and lead teams.

These are skills that have been specially identified as being essential both now and for the future of work.

Drawing on the latest research from health, neuroscience and psychology, combined with examples of resilience and mental toughness from the worlds of sport, business and innovation, the Resilience & Mental Toughness Leadership Programme is an interactive and highly effective approach to enhancing high performing individual leaders and leadership teams.

With the Resilience and Mental Toughness leaders and leadership teams develop…

  • Physical and Psychological Wellbeing
  • Awareness
  • Stress Resilience
  • Mental Agility and Flexibility
  • Psychologically Resilient Thinking Patterns
  • Ability to Set Goals, Maintain Motivation and Achieve Results
  • Emotional Intelligence & Agility
  • Mental Toughness (Enhanced commitment, control and confidence in the face of challenge)
  • A strong supportive network of other leaders

Membership to the Programme Includes:

  • Resilience & Mental Toughness Insights and personalised feedback
  • Access to the latest learning from neuroscience, health and performance psychology.
  • Highly practical actions, skills, techniques and strategies
  • Group Coaching
  • Small group workshops delivered by experts
  • Support of a focused network
  • Embedded learning of the EASE Method so that the changes you make last.

Delivered over 8 weeks with six 1.5hr workshops The Resilience & Mental Toughness Programme requires a maximum time commitment of 11 hours

Using a powerful blend of motivational forces including insight through questionnaires, the EASE Habit Formation Method expert workshops, community, and group coaching.

Enhanced physical and psychological wellbeing, ability to manage stress and pressure, psychological resilience and mental toughness so that leaders and leadership teams face challenges with confidence.

Getting stronger with each challenge faced

A comprehensive programme designed to build Resilience and Mental Toughness for leaders and leadership teams. Using the forces of insight, coaching, knowledge and community, leaders become part of a motivated and supportive group, focused on building resilience and mental toughness alongside core leadership skills, so that they become stronger in the face of challenge and build high performing teams and cultures.

Resilient Leaders for Resilient Teams

Why we developed the Resilience & Mental Toughness Programme

Never has there been a time when we have faced such high levels of challenge, change and uncertainty. These three elements impact people very differently depending on their levels of resilience and mental toughness. Some will be depleted and some will learn and grow stronger.

As we move into the Future of Work, the pace of challenge, change and uncertainty will only increase. Experts in the future of work cite a range of so called ‘soft skills’ – emotional regulation, mental flexibility and ability to learn from and adapt to change, as being vital for the success of individuals, teams and organisations. These skills are essential for leaders.

We do not believe these skills are ‘soft’. We know that to not only survive but to truly thrive in the future of work, these and many other skills taught in the Resilience & Mental Toughness Programme are essential.

For leaders increased levels of resilience and mental toughness will positively impact health, psychological wellbeing, the ability to cope with stress, relationships and what you achieve personally and professionally.

Drawing on the latest research from health, neuroscience and psychology, combined with examples of high performance from the world of sport, business and innovation, the Resilience & Mental Toughness Leadership Programme is an interactive and highly effective approach to enhancing high performing individuals.

Key elements of the programme have been drawn from the research of resilience experts such as Dr Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania) who has worked with institutions and businesses across the world including the US Military.

Often, until we understand the science behind a concept, we will continue to repeat the same patterns of thoughts and behaviours that we have developed over many years.

The programme enhances resilience & mental toughness by empowering leaders to understand how their brains work – from a chemical level upwards – so that they know how to think and behave, and how to transform these new patterns into enduring resilience and mental toughness habits.

Focusing on what is really important.

100% of Leaders surveyed rated the Resilience & Mental Toughness Programme as Excellent.

Building control, commitment and confidence in the face of challenge

Outcomes of the Resilience & Mental Toughness Programme Leadership Programme include:

  • Increased confidence in the face of challenge
  • Higher levels of energy and vitality
  • The ability to manage under stress and pressure
  • Effective method for setting and achieving goals
  • Higher levels of motivation and achievement
  • Understanding of how to change behaviour and form positive habits
  • Effective mental agility and critical thinking
  • Enhanced emotional regulation and intelligence
  • Ability to approach new and higher challenges
  • Understanding of how to motivate teams
  • Leadership skills for Challenge, Change and Uncertainty
  • Opportunity to spend time with other leaders for peer discussion and learning.
Workshop One: The Chemistry of Resilience & Mental Toughness

The first workshop sets the scene for the programme, introducing the concepts behind wellbeing, resilience and mental toughness for times of uncertainty, challenge and change. Participants learn about the most important systems in the brain that are associated with resilience and mental toughness and how to recognise and enhance the chemicals that drive these systems.

Workshop Two: Physical and Psychological Wellbeing

Physical health and psychological wellbeing are the foundation of resilience and mental toughness. In this workshop we discover what humans need to thrive. We also explore the key elements of habit formation so that positive changes to wellbeing are sustained and strengthened over time.

Workshop Three: Building Stress Resilience

Looking at the survival response, we explore what happens in our bodies when we become stressed. We discover the impact of being in a state of habitual stress on our health, cognition and performance. Participants will identify their own stress triggers, bringing awareness to the areas of life in which they may need to apply different thinking and behaviours. We embed a four step approach to responding to stressful moments and how to reframe stress to build confidence in the face of challenge.

Workshop Four: Building Psychological Resilience

In the fourth Workshop we explore the features of resilience, the benefits to health and performance, and what resilient people do differently. We look at thinking traps and how to develop mental agility for increased flexibility and clarity in the face of challenge, change and uncertainty. We also learn how to use adverse experience to build confidence.

Workshop Five: Enhancing Mental Toughness

Drawing from the fields of elite sport, business and high performance, the fifth workshop unlocks the key behaviours and thinking patterns of the most mentally tough individuals around the world and how you can use these strategies to not only manage under pressure but actively seek out challenge and grow stronger as a result.

Workshop Six: Building High Performing Cultures

What are the key leadership skills required to build high performing teams and cultures? In the final workshop we explore the key features of high performing cultures from around the world, we discover the chemistry of motivation, engagement and achievement and we build a plan that leaders can immediately apply to their own teams for powerful results.

What clients say about therehuman.

therehuman delivered a fantastic Resilience and Mental Toughness Programme to a group of our busy leaders. It was hard to take time out for our own development however the time taken was greatly rewarded with insights, tools and tips on how to build resilience and mental toughness both for us and to help us to lead and motivate our teams and departments

Allana Patterson
Head of Organisational Excellence
The Belfast Metropolitan College

I would go as far as to say that this is one of the best leadership programmes I have ever completed. With 32 years of leadership I have had the opportunity to attend many programmes but this one felt instantly different. After the first session I was hooked and I made sure I committed to attending all sessions. The programme was really powerful and benefited me professionally and personally in so many ways.

Joanne Wilson

The Resilience & Mental Toughness programme was excellent. I have really appreciated the knowledge that was shared in the programme, in helping me to process all the changes in 2020/21. I have been able to reflect upon and process my reactions to these events and now feel more ‘back to myself’ in moving onwards and upwards. Thank you!

Terry Robb
Head of Personal Banking
The Ulster Bank

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