Human Skills


What challenges will the future of work bring for our people, teams and our organisations and what unique skills will we need to face the future of work with confidence?

Experts in the future of work are clear. The pace of change will be rapid amid global business environments characterised by high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Your people will require a range of unique skills, separate from the technical and functional skills they possess, so that they can respond successfully to an ever-changing environment.

These skills have very specific features – they are uniquely human, cannot be automated, are universal and highly transferable and are developable.

Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, emotional agility and self-management.

These are Human Skills.

Drawing from the latest research on the skills required for performance both now and in the Future of Work, blended with the latest learning from neuroscience and psychology, the Human Skills programme will enhance your organisation’s success through developing your most important asset – your people.

Building Human Skills for success now and in the Future of Work

Using a blended learning approach, the Human Skills Programme is a 12 part programme which can be delivered online in short workshops or face to face over three days.

Human Skills Insights
The Human Skills Insights Questionnaire raises awareness of the skills that are most important and provides participants with a benchmark of their current skill level.

Human Skills Knowledge
Drawing on the latest learning from science and psychology participants discover the theory behind each Human Skill and why developing these skills is so vitally important for professional and personal success.

Human Skills Development
Using a range of reflective exercises and facilitated discussion, participants are facilitated to pinpoint examples of when they have previously used the Human Skills and to identify opportunities for further development.

Delivered over 12 short online workshops or face to face over 3 days The Human Leadership Skills Programme requires a maximum time commitment of 18 hours

A blended learning approach including Insights from questionnaires, case studies and facilitated discussion with other leaders.

Enhanced competency and confidence in the skills required to lead teams and organisations in the
Future of Work

“Human Skills are high-value activities that play to the distinctive strengths of being human.”
World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum uses the term human skills to describe “high-value activities that play to the distinctive strengths of being human.”

Organisations such as OECD, McKinsey and Deloitte, focused on the trends and requirements of businesses in the future of work agree that human skills will become more and more important to business success. Enhancing Human Skills increases productivity and performance and can give your organisation the competitive edge.

therehuman’s Human Skills Framework enables you to assess and map your organisation’s human skills needs.

Our Human Skills Programme then support you to develop these essential human skills for high performing individuals, teams and leaders.

Grouped into four domains, the Human Skills Framework enables you to assess, develop and measure competence in key areas that are essential for the continued success of your organisation.




Future Focused

Developing Human Skills builds Personal and Professional Confidence

A blend of functional skills and human skills
Every role requires a mix of both technical and human skills.
Although some job roles will require and value particular human skills more than others, at least a basic level of competence is required in all human skills for enhanced performance, productivity and overall business success.

Competence in Human Skills builds confidence
Competence in Human Skills enhances personal and professional confidence. It is this confidence that is a vital buffer of the more negative impacts of stress and pressure and a key ingredient in resilience.

Building on our uniquely human strengths

Human Skills are grouped into four main domains…

Cognitive Human Skills

Developing cognitive skills through learning how the brain works and metacognition (thinking about our thinking) is an often neglected area of professional development. And yet, skills such as planning and work management, critical thinking, decision making, innovation and creativity are essential life long skills for people at all stages of their career journey.

Self-Mastery Human Skills

Success now and in the Future of Work will require the ability to understand how to regulate and attune to the changing needs of people, environments and challenges. In order to manage this, people will need to employ skills such as the ability to self-motivate, respond appropriately under pressure, use emotional agility and enhance focus to persevere and achieve goals.

Interpersonal Human Skills

One of the unique areas of human expertise that will not be replaced by technology is our ability to form connections and work together, finding complex solutions to meaningful problems. This ability requires a range of skills including communication, forming relationships, collaboration and coaching and motivating others.

Future Focused Human Skills

Research is clear, the pace of change in the Future of Work will be accelerated. Skills such as the ability to learn how to learn, employing a growth mindset, deliberate practice, taking the initiative and adapting to change, are essential and can be developed to enhance growth and reduce stress.

What clients say about therehuman.

As a former International runner I have always had a huge interest in the benefits gained from exercise and your mental wellbeing. When the Belfast Met College announced the opportunity to apply for the Elementary Programme, I was delighted to gain a place on the Programme and the benefits of working with Catherine and other like-minded colleagues.

We have regular catch ups with a monthly focus on each topic. E.g. Move, Rest, Nourish etc. We discuss the benefits around each topic, and how we can adjust our habits for long term gains, then feedback, support and encourage each other at the next meeting. The group quickly became a very supportive and positive network.

It has particularly been of benefit to me as I have tried to maintain a healthy work/life balance project managing Assured Skills Programmes for the College whilst becoming a dad for the first time in 2020 during COVID.

I would highly recommend the Elementary Programme to anyone who has the good fortune to have the opportunity to attend.

Michael Mearns (40)

I found the Attune Programme just brilliant. The coaching was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend this to other women.


I found the workshops to be very informative. The one to one coaching session was extremely helpful as it was tailored to me. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it very relaxing and very useful. Thank you!


The Attune programme was great and I have really begun to feel the benefits of understanding more. I have followed the advice on the vitamins and supplement. I was a bit nervous about the 1-1 coaching, but it was just fantastic!


I found the Attune Programme so helpful and very insightful. I now feel empowered and fully informed to take control and actually take on the challenge of the menopause, ageing and my health and wellbeing in general.

Helen Campbell

As a manager, I spend all my time making sure that my team is ok. Being part of the Attune Programme meant that I could spend some time on myself and take control of my symptoms. I thought that the symptoms of the menopause were something that I would just have to accept, however now I know that there are solutions. I feel more confident about speak to my GP and also having conversations with the women in my team if they come to me for help

Nicole, 52

Since being part of the Attune Programme, I have started to piece together the parts of the jigsaw. I knew that I felt different – more anxious, less energy, trouble sleeping – but I didn’t know why. Turns out that I am peri-menopausal. I hadn’t even heard of the perimenopause before. It is such a relief to have clarity and to have practical things that I can do to reduce the symptoms. I feel much more prepared for the future.

Kate, 46

The Attune Programme has been life changing. I am no longer ashamed to say that I am going through the menopause. I feel equipped with knowledge and strategies and I will definitely be having these discussions with my own daughters when the time comes.

Sarah, 50

therehuman delivered a fantastic Resilience and Mental Toughness Programme to a group of our busy leaders. It was hard to take time out for our own development however the time taken was greatly rewarded with insights, tools and tips on how to build resilience and mental toughness both for us and to help us to lead and motivate our teams and departments

Allana Patterson
Head of Organisational Excellence
The Belfast Metropolitan College

I would go as far as to say that this is one of the best leadership programmes I have ever completed. With 32 years of leadership I have had the opportunity to attend many programmes but this one felt instantly different. After the first session I was hooked and I made sure I committed to attending all sessions. The programme was really powerful and benefited me professionally and personally in so many ways.

Joanne Wilson

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